Please note that all our dogs have now been tested and any future dogs for CDRM (Chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy). None of our dogs here at Calmholme are affected with CDRM nor will they ever be. All litters produced here will be free from developing this dreadful disease!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to browse around our website. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. As you will soon see our site is packed with many many pictures of our beautiful dogs and their off spring taken over many years. 
My love for the German Shepherd has been with me all my life. My father bought his first Shepherd "Rex" in 1965 before I was born. I remember growing up as a very small child being in total awe of this magnifcent dog, he was huge! I have always had a deep love for animals and in particular dogs. I love all breeds of dogs but for me my chosen breed had to be the German Shepherd. They have always been in my life and have always been my passion. I was lucky enough to own my first two boys over twenty 30 years ago now. All my three children (all of which have grown up and left home) have been brought up living with our Shepherds, so much so the fourth generation of our family, my Grandchildren, have now being introduced to our Furry family.....may this passion continue!!!  Our youngest daughter now works along side us and as of 2022 has her own little girl Winnie who will join our breeding programme in a couple of years.
We are located in Beverley in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire having  moved from York in 2007. We live in a wonderful rural location on the outskirts of Beverley, on a 3 acre small holding with plenty of room and lots of open space for the dogs to play.
We first started breeding over 22yrs ago from our foundation girls "Gemma & Beauty" who had some wonderful puppies for us. Monty our foundation stud sadly passed away in 2009 at the age of 13yrs. 
We are fully licenced proffessional breeders with a wealth of knowledge & we put 100% into each & every litter we are lucky enough to have. Please note that when visiting us this is very much our family home (we do not class our home as a Kennel). We very proudly hold a 5 star breeding Licence through our local Council....we are extremely proud of ourselves and our furry family.
We are now in our 22nd year of breeding our large, longcoated, gorgeous Shepherds & as you can see from the photo's on this site have been lucky enough to have bred some wonderful dogs. We are very proud to have held our affix since 2000. We do not breed for colour, are aim is to produce happy, healthy, fantastic natured dogs with brains as well as beauty...puppies that will leave our home, happily join yours and perhaps like many of our pups we have bred, go on to compete in obedience (competing at Crufts), agilty, canicross, flyball or dance! 
Our aim is to continue to improve the breed producing pups of excellent health,  temperament and construction. Our dogs carry both European and English Lines and all have very straight backs. All the parents are health tested and we would never breed from our dogs unless these health tests show satisfactory results.  We do not cut corners when it comes to our dogs welfare & wellbeing, everything is as it should be, we are deeply passionate about our breed!!!
Our dogs are our family!! We keep all our boys and girls long after their breeding years are over, they never really retire as they continue to promote their own progeny over many generations here. The health and happiness of all our boys & girls is hugely important to us, they have lots of fun each and everyday be it training, obedience, having fun on my agility course or simply playing ball. It does seem to be a genetic Calmholme trait that all our pups are little water babies, so lots of games which involves water is a must here! All our dogs you see on our web site have been with us since they were puppies...not chosen for colour but for their kind & gentle natures. We have trained and socialised each and every one of them. The temperaments of all of them is very very important to us. All our dogs are confident, kind, gentle, love to please and most of all love their cuddles.
I only have the welfare of my puppies concerned when it comes to the time for them to leave me & embark on their biggest adventure.. & that is for me to make the right decision in finding the perfect homes for them. I will not sell to anyone wanting a guard dog so please don't ask. If you would like one of our puppies to become a treasured member of your family, if you have lots of love to give and plenty of time feel free to get intouch with us.
Deciding to welcome a German Shepherd puppy into your family or indeed any dog is a massive commitment and should not be taken lightly. They will need lots of your time for training, mental stimulation & that all important socialisation. 
Wherever possible we will always be on hand for help and advice throughout the lifetime of your  dog. We also have a private facebook group just for our owners where we can all keep upto date with each other, share photo's, stories and advice....we also have many competitions with some great prizes on offer within the group. 
We look forward to hearing from you for a friendly chat
Best Wishes
Caroline & Richard Fletcher X