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Retirement Club

This page is dedicated to all our dogs that have now retired. Some have now passed over the Rainbow Bridge and some are very much still enjoying their retirement here with us. We are super proud of each and every one of them and cannot thank them enough for what they have brought to our breeding programme.....We salute you all xxxxxxxxxx

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Mr Ted

Mr Ted joined us back in 2008 at just 8wks old. He was and still is a huge part of our breeding programme through his kids and Gr kids.   We as a family cannot express just what this wonderful old boy means to us.....XXXX

Mr Ted sadly passed away very peacefully 

at the age of 14.5yrs old. Rest easy gentle boy. Until we meet again XXXX 2008-2022

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Kash joined us back in 2010 with his sister Venus at just 8wks old. Kash is a huge part of our lives. At 11yrs old he is still bouncing about with his ball. Kash just like Ted has a big kind heart, never sick or sorry, adores our Grandchildren.., well if truth be told Kash adores anyone who will entertain him and throw his ball for him. He's a gorgeous well bred, big gentle boy. Kash is adored by us all and has certainly put his stamp on our fur kids....XXXX

Our gorgeous big loyal boy passed away peacefully just 5 days before Mr Ted at the age of 12.5 yrs. Rest easy Kash, miss you so very much. 2011-2022


Kenco was born in October 2011. Kenco has always had a sunny disposition, always gentle and very loyal. She has produced some fantastic pups for us over the years. Her daughter Azera has recently retired from our breeding program but their much loved lines continue long into the future. Kenco enjoys a quieter life these days, she still enjoys mothering any pups that come along. Kenco means the absolute world to us and at nearly 13 yrs old has not slowed down. XXXX

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                   MISSED EVERYDAY"

       "Until we meet again gorgeous girl"


We miss our gentle Miss Fox.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

 Always loved, remembered forever




Darcy is another gorgeous home bred girl. She's such a fun loving, happy go lucky natured dog. She has always been and still is very keen to please. She is super fast on her feet and full of energy....miss bouncy feet has produced some absolutely gorgeous babies for us in both looks and temperaments. 

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                        "ALWAYS MISSED" 

"                   "AWAYS REMEMBERED"


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          "Rest easy our sofa Queen"

              Always remembered,

                  deeply missed



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              Beautiful Prue.

  Rest in peace gorgeous girl.

        Always remembered.







Vista is our stunning home bred girl. She has a beautiful nature to match her beautiful looks & we are very proud to have bred her. Vista is extremely gentle, loving & loyal. Just like her daddy she has an amazing bone stucture and fantastic coat. She passes all these great qualities onto all her puppies....all of which are always totally stunning!!


Azera is our stunning black & tan girl and we are extremely proud to have bred her. Azeras parents are handsome Mr Ted & gorgeous Kenco...(both parents can be found on the retirement page)

Azera is the most loving, friendly, kind hearted girl you could ever wish to meet. She was easy to train as a puppy and continues to learn all things new. Azera has given us some absolutely stunning puppies both in looks and temperaments.


We are very proud to have bred our beautiful Meadow. Meadow is kind, loving, gentle and quite sensitive. She has a fantastic solid sturdy bone structure with a gorgeous silky coat. She is very food orientated which made her very easy to train as a puppy. Meadow doesn't much care for wet rainy days or snow...she likes her home comforts. The pups she has produced for us take with them her beautiful nature and solid bone...

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