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All puppies bred here at "Calmholme" are very carefully planned and are given the best possible start in life. Our pups are usually fully booked before they are born so be prepared to wait for your puppy. Our aim is to constantly improve on our lines so the pairing of the parents is very important to us. We always put health above all else before producing a goes without saying that temperament is equally as important as health...we do NOT breed for & temperament must always come first.

                             " Health & Temperament Matter"


We make it our priority here that all our dogs have fantastic temperaments and that they are always happy and healthy. All our dogs are, long coated,  very gentle, loyal & typical of the breed, very intelligent. The German Shepherd is primarily a working dog. Here at Calmholme we don't breed from dogs with a massive working drive. All dogs thrive on training & regular exercise & some of our dogs have gone on to excel in flyball, tracking, becoming PAT dogs & obedience at Crufts. We socialize our pups as much as we possibly can during their first few weeks here with us.. arriving happy, healthy confident little bears. Once you have taken your new puppy home it is down to you to continue to educate and socialize your new puppy. We always strongly advise you take your new puppy along to training classes, preferably classes that run the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. It's also a good idea to prepare in advance and find a training class local to you with qualified instructors.


Our pups ALWAYS have breed restrictions in place. These endorsements are put in place to protect the future welfare of all our puppies.

Endorsement "X" the puppy is restricted from being exported with Kennel Club Documents.

Endorsement "R" the puppy is restricted from having it's progeny registered by the Kennel Club.

 Please note that on some litters we may not lift the breed restrictions what so ever.

All our puppies are bred first and foremost for family pets and pet homes will always take priority on our waiting lists. If you would like a puppy for breeding purposes then please discuss this with me prior to booking your puppy. Very few of our puppies are sold to breeders. All our puppies leave with a puppy sales contract WHICH DOES INCLUDE OUR VERY STRICT RE HOMING POLICY..all contracts must be signed and adhered too which includes the above restrictions without exception.


All our dogs are Kennel Club Registered, hip/elbow scored, all our boy's are hemophilia tested and all of our dogs have been tested for CDRM & PD tested.


Puppies will leave  Calmholme ....Fully wormed from 2wks of age,Vet checked, Insured, Microchipped, 1st Vac, KC Reg, 5 Generation pedigree, socialisation and training guide, comprehensive puppy pack, care sheets,  toys, collar, lead & a small blanket that will smell of mum & siblings to help settle in.  All prospective new owners are invited to visit once the litter they are waiting for reaches 4 weeks old. We do like everyone to arrive at the same time...which is usually a Saturday afternoon. A non refundable deposit will be required to secure your puppy.

It's a massive commitment deciding to welcome a puppy (not just a German Shepherd but any breed of dog) in to your family. Perhaps if your a little older or do not have as much time as you'd like to train a puppy then an older dog could be for you. We would much prefer you check out all your options before coming to us...many Gsds in rescue centres are in need of loving family homes so please explore this option first. There are plenty of rescue centres up and down the country with dogs waiting for that special family to take them home. Do not decide you would like a puppy simply on a will be thoroughly vetted when you come to meet us all. Be prepared on your arrival here for lots of questions...we do turn people away!! We keep a track on all our puppies throughout their lives and we do like to stay in touch. I have added some links for you to take a look at of various rescue centres in the Uk below. If you are just browsing around our site as you simply love Gsds please check out the links below...these rescue Centres are run by volunteers and are always in need of donations.

We are always available for help & advise regarding your new puppy. If for any reason  you can no longer keep your dog, we would like to be contacted in the first instance as we do NOT want any of our dogs to end up in rescue centres or fall into the wrong hands. We are always here for help and advice in finding your dog a loving home. We do have a contract which states the above and must be signed before you leave with your new puppy. All our puppies bred at Calmholme are not just important to us for the 1st 8weeks of their lives they are important to us throughout their lifetime!!

If we don't have any puppies available then we can always point you in the right direction with other breeders, who have the same ethics as ourselves.

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